Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Where Power Really Lies

... and lies.

One of the great misconceptions about a democracy such as Canada is that elected government at any level holds the power. In fact much of what actually affects our daily lives is not determined by elected politicians, but by anonymous staff working in municipal, provincial and federal government jobs. The managers of programs that deliver services have a great deal of power in determing what happens on the ground. Hospital administrators and health-care workers control as much of your experience in the healthcare system as does the government. These people are anonymous and unelected, and never held to account. They often represent the interests of unions and by extension particular political parties, but in a silent and secret way.

With that in mind, if you haven't yet read this post, please do. This is a really important case where tax dollars and the public's trust are both being taken for a ride. They get away with the deception about what goes on inside the walls of the Royal Ottawa, because in order to expose it someone has to have the courage to atand up and admit they were in there in the first place.

The post went up on the aggregator Sunday night and was swamped out of sight with a Monday morning rush. So please, if you haven't, read it and help get the word out about what really goes on In The Asylum.