Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ottawa Humane Society Takes Top Award

The Ottawa Humane Society has won the Summit Award for animal re-homing (adoption) at the Banff Care In The Community conference.
Participants at Canada's first annual Care in the Community conference Thursday evening honoured leaders and visionaries in the care, health and wellness of urban pets
Winners of the Summit Awards' ... were chosen by their peers for implementing innovative programs; leadership within and beyond their communities; and contributions to pets and people.
- The Ottawa Humane Society, represented by Bruce Roney and Lynn Gordon, for animal re-homing (adoption)

The Ottawa Citizen gave headlines and front page space to the story of an Ottawa couple's campaign against the OHS over a failed adoption, as well as giving them space for an op-ed in the Citizen a few weeks later. How odd then, that news of this award was found only in a tiny space on page 13 of the City section and did not appear at all in the online edition of the Citizen.