Friday, November 27, 2009

A Human Rights Tribunal Date For Your Diaries

The Ontario HRT hearing into the case of the "service" teacup chihuahua will be held in Ottawa this coming Tuesday, December 1st at the Best Western Macy's hotel, starting at 10am.

As this is yet another example of the uncontrolled silliness and excesses of Barbara Hall's Ontario "Human Rights" fiefdom, I would encourage any and all who can to attend the hearing to show support for the Rouble family - they are the real victims - and to quietly show that this state abuse of freedom is not being done in our name.

I will be covering the hearing here at TDPC for those who can't make it.

Is This The Reform You'd Have Given Us, Beth Greenhorn?

Now that the full extent of the horror that is the Toronto Humane Society is on full view, it might be a good time to remind certain people that a Humane Society or other animal shelter should not be judged by how low it can get its euthanasia numbers.

For a long time a couple of years ago, Beth Greenhorn, an Ottawa rabble-rouser and activist, along with several other vocal critics, maintained a campaign against the Ottawa Humane Society which was in large part based on the premise that the OHS euthanized too many animals.

After a campaign of media exposure, innuendo and misinformation, the group attempted a coup at the OHS's AGM and tried to take over the board of directors. Thankfully they were unsuccessful. Who knows, if they'd succeeded, would we be looking at the same kind of 'reform' in Ottawa that they now have in Toronto?

Taking care of animals requires love, dedication, hard work and occasionally hard decisions. As animal lovers, we at TDPC hope that all those involved at the THS get what they deserve.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

CBC: Critics Skewed Watergate Tapes

President Nixon is on the defensive today after it was revealed that Republican Party operatives had been caught breaking into the Watergate apartment complex in Washington, D.C. and a series of tapes were made public that some say might appear damaging to his presidency.

Critics have seized on the tapes as evidence of a conspiracy. However, most smart people have dismissed the claims.

"Bernstein and Woodward were very selective in choosing tapes they thought would make the president look bad." said a source completely unconnected with the Nixon campaign.

The president's team also dismissed as 'ludicrous' any suggestion that tapes were erased in an attempt to hide anything. "Tapes were deleted routinely, and the remaining tapes don't mean what they say. They contain colloquialisms used by political campaigns all the time," said an aide.

In short, the CBC would like to assure viewers that there is nothing to this story and the world can have every confidence in President Nixon as he completes his term in office and wins re-election as he surely will.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sniffing Out The Bogus Service Dog

Regular readers of this and other blogs will be familiar with the case of Alex Allarie who is dragging store owners in Carleton Place, Ontario to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. Allarie claims his teacup chihuahua is a "service dog" and that he was denied access to the Granary health food store unfairly.

The corgis wanted to point you in the direction of this blog, maintained by the Roubles' daughter.

The hearing is December 1st in Ottawa. Local readers wanting to come along and show support, comment or email and we will put together a group.

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How To Kick Ass In Canadian Politics

Fight elections against a destroyed, demoralized and divided opposition. And keep a winning record by leaving when you realize your guy is a complete loser.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Byelection Results: The Best Analysis

Warren Kinsella's posting tired washed up punk rock lyrics. That tells you all you need to know about the state of the Liberal party in the wake of last night's results. Whenever he knows he's on the losing side he wheels out the punk.

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Liberals Blast Latest Tory Favoritism

Liberals expressed outrage today over what they say is just another example of the Conservative Party rewarding its own.

Shocking statistics uncovered in a boys' toilet in the Toronto area reveal that the Conservative Party has more MPs in the House of Commons than the Liberal Party.

A leading Liberal strategist and expert on everything, said, "It is typical of the the Reform-Conservative-Bushitler Party of Stephen Harper that they would think just because they got more votes than us they should have more seats."

TDPC also approached outspoken Liberal MP Hedy Fry for her take on this situation, but she ran away, screaming, from our reporter's outstretched hand.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Today In Sports

We see Warren Kinsella metaphorically kicking the bodies of dead children around his political playground.

How low can he go? I'm guessing we haven't seen bottom yet.