Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cat Offsets : The Corgis Want In

So Kate thinks she can corner the market with her Feline NeutralTM Cat Offsets Program. The Corgis are busy applying for the Ontario franchise of Kate's new venture, but they have put their heads together and are willing to go one step further. Following extensive research at Doggerel Party Labs, the corgis believe that they will shortly be able to offer a Cat Sequestration program, for those large feline enterprises for whom offsets just won't cut it.

Details of the cat capture and storage technology are, naturally, a Doggerel Party trade secret, but the chief designer, Angie, assures me that there will be no danger of the cats escaping for many thousands of years, by which time there will be a genetically engineered super-race of cat-proof songbirds and the problem will no longer exist.

Tip o' the ears to Neo.

UPDATE: Commenter 'EBD' at Small Dead Animals has uncovered the Corgi's most secret project; the cheese-flavoured cat.

UPPIERDATE: Typically, the songbird-problem deniers are coming out of the woodwork now.