Thursday, October 19, 2006

Liberal Catnip: An Apology

Last night I wrote a post about World Poverty Day, in which I drew on a post from the well known left-wing blogger liberal catnip and drew attention to some things she had written about her personal situation. That post drew a response from her in which she explained her situation more fully.

In trying to make a more general point, I crossed a line and made things personal with catnip. She didn't deserve to be singled out that way, as in reality none of us truly know the personal circumstances of any others. I have removed the post.

I once had a cat who had a fascination with sparkling water in his bowl. He hated it, but couldn't help going up to the bowl, dipping a paw, and jumping back in alarm. Then round again. That's how liberal catnip's blog is for me.... I know I'm going to hate it but I go back for more. Which in the end means she's doing a great job - much as we disagree, she is doing a wonderful job working for her views, objectives and political allies.

To catnip, and to all readers, I apologise unreservedly.