Sunday, October 29, 2006

Political Paralysis

I haven't blogged much on the federal political scene in a while; partly out of fear at being picked up by CTV again, but mostly because what I have written in the last couple of weeks is pretty much a fair assessment of what Parliament has usefully achieved in the same timeframe, i.e. nothing.

I find it ironic that the Liberal Party allowed the government's top priorities to pass the House so easily earlier in the year - those things that they bitterly opposed, like the $1,200 childcare allowance, the GST cut, and so on. Then, when the government is working on things that should be a no-brainer, like increasing accountability and fixing a broken justice system, the Liberals delay, carp, hack and gut the legislation. Not only that, but they spend their entire time in the spotlight of Question Period whinging about alleged dog remarks.

Grow up, Mr. Graham and your crowd. You may not like Mr. Harper and you may have different views on where you want to take things. But you're elected to serve the people, just the same. And the people, whatever their political stripe, want you to take care of the nation's business, not go around scooping dog poop.