Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tourists Flocking To See Rare Creature

Vancouver is experiencing a massive influx of tourists after a reported sighting of a Liberal Party of Canada policy yesterday. A TDPC correspondent caught up with a few of the crowd, to see what all the excitement was about.

"I haven't seen a Liberal Party policy in several years," said one man as he eagerly clutched a dog-eared copy of The Green Shift. "This is really exciting."

A political scientist told us that the policy seen yesterday appears at first glance to be the same one spotted a few years ago, but to have changed its plumage - possibly due to political climate change. "It didn't have eyebrows, last time we saw it, and it was coloured a much brighter shade of green," she said, "but even without DNA tests, I'm pretty confident it's the same policy. That's a little disappointing, because we were really hoping to find some that we hadn't seen before. Although it's nice to see this one is still around, it's not good news to find that they're no longer breeding. We noticed also it's grown much longer tail feathers, which are hiding its tax hikes."

Another observer in the crowd, who gave her name as 'Elizabeth' gushed, "It's wonderful to see this policy again. I really thought it had died, and now it's back! I love these policies, and I've actually been running a little sanctuary for cast-off Liberal environmental policy for the last few years. Now that I've seen this one again, I'll be keeping a close eye on it in case it needs rescuing."

Experts advise those who want to see the policy should do so as soon as possible as it's not known how long it may have to live.