Saturday, October 14, 2006

Eastern Ontario's Rudest Driver


The following clarification is being posted because of a complaint made by Helene Amyotte to the DNS provider for

This post originally described an altercation in a parking lot in which an apparently healthy driver refused to yield an expectant mothers' parking spot to my wife who was at the time mere days away from delivering our son. While the car in question belonged to a local realtor, Helene Amyotte, it appears that at the time it had been lent to an employee of hers, Ms. Erica Smith (former PA to former PM Joe Clark, and a bigger bitch than he is, which is saying something).

Ms. Amyotte is therefore in no way to blame for this incident. I regret any negative impact the original post and associated comments may have had on Ms. Amyotte or her business.

That notwithstanding, let's all try and be courteous when it comes to family and expectant mothers' parking.

And although she may be blameless in this incident, the following information may be of interest to anyone considering using Ms. Amyotte as their realtor.