Sunday, October 29, 2006

Montague 19 : The Winds Of Change?

Looking at the opinion poll results as they stand tonight, it looks as though the winds of change are blowing through the township, at least for the readers of this blog. Now, the sample is very small (around 20ish) and the readers of this blog are perhaps overwhelmingly members of the MRA - or are you? Still, the incumbent councillors are trailing quite a way behind the challengers and even Reeve Doyle is struggling.

Make it more accurate; encourage your friends and neighbours to come along and click a few buttons, even if they don't read the whole blog.

One very interesting thing is that the race for Deputy Reeve is very one-sided; this says to me (so far) that Peter Kavanagh has the respect and confidence of people on both sides of the lawsuit issue. I think this can only be good for the township. Based on the one very short meeting I've had with Mr. Kavanagh, I think he's one person who really can bring everyone together and I think he will be a leader as we start putting old divisions behind the township and moving forward.