Friday, March 26, 2010

Auto Industry Recall Woes Spread to GM

The automotive world was rocked to its tires today with the news that on top of recall woes at Toyota, General Motors Canada is recalling approximately 900 workers.

A GM spokesman denied the problem was serious. However one analyst told TDPC "these workers are extremely dangerous. One minute your company is cruising along nicely, and the next they're demanding $74 an hour, striking every two years, costing a fortune in health benefits and before you can put the brakes on, your company has crashed and imploded."

If you believe you may be employing one of the affected workers, please ask them if they have a CAW membership card.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Doggerel Party Statement on Afghan Detainees

Ottawa, ON. March 6th, 2010. A spokescorgi for TDPC issues the following statement:

TDPC is not in favour of any Afghan prisoners being tortured. However, we can think of one Canadian deserving of that kind of attention.

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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

One May, Two Faces?

Surely the Elizabeth May that wrote this:
Another idea that would improve democracy would be to insist on respectful behaviour in the House of Commons. The existing leadership in the House could make a pact to obey the rules of the House. Those rules include that no interruptions are allowed when a member is speaking and that the minister’s answers must be responsive to the question. A zero-tolerance for heckling rule combined with answers that, at least, relate to the question, would vastly improve Canadians’ impressions of their government.

can't possibly be the Elizabeth May ranting at a turned off microphone at around 2:50 of this clip?