Thursday, June 01, 2006

Smug Alert

So the Liberals are planning to fight the next election on the environment and Kyoto, according to this press release titled 'An Inconvenient Truth'. Never mind the Inconvenient Truth that the Liberals allowed Canada's greenhouse gas emissions to rise by 30% plus after they signed the Kyoto Protocol. It's good to know that they still find truth inconvenient over at

Campaigning on an issue where they so clearly promised one thing and did the opposite seems an odd choice, but one that is not without precedent for the Liberals. It's business as usual, although, to be fair, they are clearly taking what steps they can to reduce their own emissions; the Great Windbag of LaSalle-Émard is gone and will be replaced with a leaner, more efficient and lower CO2 emitting model.

The cloud of smug enveloping Ottawa the last few days? That has to be coming from CPC headquarters.