Thursday, June 29, 2006

Trillium Traction

Nice to see the PC party getting some traction in the media on the issue of the McShifty gang's stealth redesign of the Ontario provincial logo.

The province's stationery and websites had already undergone a makeover to Liberal colours, but changing the government logo to match the Liberal party one is a step beyond the traditional makeover that comes with changing governments.

That Dalton handed out $6.5 million to his friends at Bensimmon "Soldiers. In our cities." Byrne is not surprising. Ontario Liberals are just as entitled to their entitlements as their federal cousins once were.

The Save The Trillium campaign is a good idea, but I fear doomed to failure, as the McGuinty Liberals have a worse than usual case of deafness when it comes to their public - witness the situation in Caledonia.