Friday, June 23, 2006

OPP Gives Up

According to this story in the Toronto Star, the OPP has ceded control of part of Caledonia to the Six Nations and:

OPP officers will no longer respond to calls from non-native home and property owners who live on the 6th Line, a county road running along the southwest border of a housing development occupied by native protestors — a move that has some residents feeling helpless and sick with worry.

How far is the Ontario government prepared to go here? There is no longer even the pretence of enforcing the law in Caledonia. Does this 'no-go' apply to fire and rescue services as well?

I don't think anyone can seriously accept this. What has to happen before McGuinty does something... ANYTHING... here? How much destruction will it take, Dalton? How many 'non-native' (sic) deaths will be OK by you?

There are just no words to adequately express what's going on here.