Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Liberal's Less Corrupt Than Your Liberal

The Globe reveals today that two of the children of an Apotex executive, who each donated $5,400 to Joe Volpe's leadership campaign, are 11 years old. Pretty smart and motivated kids to want to make those kind of donations on their own initiative, eh?

At the end of the Globe piece, Jim Karygiannis defends the donations:

Mr. Karygiannis said that Mr. Volpe did not know the ages of Mr. Shechtman's children, but that donations from 11-year-olds are legal. “The law does not distinguish. We are following the rules,” he said. He suggested it is other Liberal leadership campaigns that have something to hide. “At least we're not hiding behind loans,” he said.

If the best defence of a shady act is that it's not as shady as the other guy's, have the Libranos learned any lessons? It appears not.

UPDATE: (h/t to NealeNews) : is launched. Bring Daddy's credit card!