Friday, June 02, 2006

Ottawa Landfill Crisis

Residents in the area of the Carp Road landfill site, in the far west end of Ottawa, have been startled to see a sudden increase in the garbage being trucked in recently. At first, it was not clear where the influx of smelly trash was coming from, but Doggerel Party researchers have been working tirelessly on the problem.

We can now reveal that the problem is a sudden and massive increase in the production of junk science from Ottawa's City Hall. The junk science began when a small but vocal population of moonbats moved into City Hall. Before they could be removed by exterminators, the moonbats are believed to have infected the majority of city councillors, who then began producing larger and larger amounts of junk science. Observers describe the council as showing an ever decreasing grip on reality.

A spokesman for the moonbats denied there was any problem, but refused to elaborate, instead accusing The Doggerel Party of smoking cigarettes while applying scented pesticides.