Friday, June 23, 2006

Always The Bridesmaid

Perennial CBC radio and TV stand-in host Lucy van Oldenbarneveld has been passed over for the Ottawa Morning and The House jobs vacated by Anthony Germain. According to the Ottawa Citizen, she is disappointed and is said to be considering her future at CBC.

Kathleen Petty, who will be moving from Calgary to take up the position has always done a good job when I've heard her on As It Happens. She is definitely a serious journalist. We at The Doggerel Party are hoping her appointment might mean a temporary halt to the dumbing-down of CBC Ottawa, and an escape from the fake, girly gossipy tone that Ottawa Morning has been adopting.

All In A Day at the other end of the workday has been ably rescued from mediocrity by Adrian Harewood. So far so good.