Saturday, June 10, 2006

Dalton 'Disappointed' McGuinty

News today in the Toronto Sun of more goings-on in Caledonia. The mob that has taken over this small town continues to flout just about every law in the province with impunity. The highlights:
  • Four tourists from the US are forcibly dragged from their vehicle, which is then stolen by Indian thugs, taken for an hour-long joyride and finally returned.
  • Two CH television camera crew are assaulted by Indian thugs to the point of requiring stitches.

Our esteemed premier, conspicuous by his absence throughout this whole affair, sticks his head out of his rabbit hole long enough to issue a statement this time. Dalton McGuinty is 'disappointed' by these developments.

Disappointed? Disappointed is what you feel when you discover you don't have clean underwear this morning, Dalton. Disappointed is when you go to the fridge and find you've drunk the last beer (although a manly man like Dalton probably prefers vodka coolers). When tourists are assaulted and their car is stolen in front of your own provincial police force, you don't feel disappointed. You feel angry, outraged, disgusted, perhaps, but you don't feel disappointed.

When you need stitches after being beaten up, you don't feel disappointed. You feel hurt, angry, hungry for justice.

'Disappointed?' Just what the heck are you smoking, Mr. alleged Premier?

The people of Ontario are way, way more than 'disappointed' in the pathetic, limp rag coward of a Premier we have. We are way more than 'disappointed' that anarchy is reigning in Caledonia and that that same Premier has ordered the OPP to ignore it. We are outraged.

'Disappointed' is what we hope you'll feel in 2007 when we kick your sorry, gutless, whining, girly butt out of office.

'Disappointed'??? I'm almost speechless.