Thursday, November 30, 2006

When Did 'Pregnant' Become An Insult?

Belinduh thinks that the Conservative Party wants to force women to be 'pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen'.

First off, Conservative policies on women and the family are the exact opposite of forcing anyone into anything. Policies such as funding actual work in real communities rather than the paper-pushing Status of Women agency, income-splitting, the childcare allowance, and so on are actually all about giving women (and men) choices.

The Liberal party is the party of forcing women into paid work and their children into daycare. It's easy to be the until-recently blonde heiress making such pronouncements when you're not going to be affected by the policies you espouse. You're not ever going to be forced to look for a job outside the home because of an iniquitous tax system making it impossible to have a stay-at-home parent. You're not ever going to have to send your kids to slum it in a fluorescent-lit cavernous daycare institution, when you can afford a nanny.

That aside, when did 'pregnant' become such an insult? Why has nobody called the Liberals on this slight against women and children? I'm not sure that being in the 'kitchen' can be considered demeaning either. I'd like to see Belinduh tell that to a knife-wielding chef Gordon Ramsay, for example.