Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Ottawa Citizen Has Address Envy

Saturday's Ottawa Citizen carries a story about the residents of 700 Sussex Drive, Ottawa's new 'power address'. The feature article is accompanied by pictures of the building from various angles. The windows are numbered and a legend identifies the resident of each condo with a brief biography.

Now, there might be some slim public interest in knowing that Ottawa's new mayor lives in this building. But there is really no justification for publishing the address of PM Stephen Harper's Chief of Staff, a dentist and an eye surgeon, just because they happen to own or rent nice condos.

How would the Citizen staff feel if a blogger was to write up a feature revealing the home addresses of Janice Kennedy, World's Worst ColumnistTM Kelly Egan, and other staff?

There is no justification for this invasion of privacy. It's pure envy. It doesn't belong anywhere but if someone had to do it it should have been People magazine.