Thursday, November 02, 2006

Spooky : A Late Halloween Experience

I was shopping in the early evening of Halloween, picking up a few necessities. I dropped by the LCBO for some suitable refreshment (Wychwood's excellent Hobgoblin and Black Wych seasonal brews).

I'd just made it through the checkout when the red light atop the automatic exit door started to flash. I approached with the confidence we all now have that doors will slide open for us. Not a movement. I waved at the motion sensor. Nothing. People began to line up behind me. An assistant came over and also waved at the sensor.

Vainly, he tried sliding the door by hand. It didn't move more than a couple of inches. We were trapped.

Eight Wychwood beers: Approximately $22. Being trapped in a liquor store: Priceless.