Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fellow Blogging Tories: Please Help!

We apologise for the interruption in normal Blogging Tory service due to the Montague Township election. This blog has been monopolized by the issues - or rather, the one issue - at stake in this tiny corner of Eastern Ontario.

From a sleepy backwater, this blog has become a lightning rod for the divisions in this community stemming from the nationally famous defamation lawsuit launched by council against Don Page.

Are any BT's still out there reading? Or have you turned off due to the Montague monotony? If you are reading, as outsiders, take a stroll through previous posts and the now extensive comment threads. I know there's so much wisdom out there in BT land. How can we put this community back together again? As outsiders, how would you vote if you lived here? Would you choose change, or go with the council that sued Don Page?

I really would value outside input on what can be done to heal the divide in this community, because although many people here want this, and many more say they do, I don't see it happening easily... and maybe not without outside intervention. So if any BT's from the rest of Canada have similar experiences or insight, please share it with us...