Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Montague : The Last Word...

Reading commentary from the last three days it's clear that the comments here and those making them are as divided and polarized as the rest of the township. I have had to turn away comments that have nothing to do with political issues and everything to do with personal malice. At this point, no minds are being changed, no arguments are being made and nothing constructive is taking place.

For the record, to those it concerns: My relationship with the MRA is similar to my relationship with the Conservative Party of Canada. I sent them a cheque once, for $20 or so. I take no active part in either organization. It might surprise some readers to know that up until last week only one of the 'MRA candidates' even knew me by sight. None of them know me as a friend or acquaintance except through this blog. If you're reading this, you know me as well as they do. If you've written more than one or two comments here, then I know you better than I know most of the members of the MRA.

This was an experiment in 'citizen journalism'; to see what happened if something extremely valuable - the blogosphere - was brought to bear in a local situation. This used to be a lighthearted political blog with a Tory slant on the issues but also concerned with various other fun stuff in life. In the last 30 days, my experiment has seen it become an acrimonious forum - just another place for Montagu-ites to fling mud at each other.

To that extent, I feel the experiment has failed. This is my last word on the Montague situation; we'll all vote next week and we'll all see what happens.

To those of you accusing me of stifling free speech: it takes just five minutes to sign up with Blogger and get your own blog going - that's free speech. Comments here are a courtesy; it's like I'm inviting you into my home. I don't have to allow any free speech here - I've tried to extend that courtesy to you all, but when it's abused it's my right (and responsibility) to put some limits in place.

It's clear where I stand on the issues - but don't assume you know how I'm planning to vote, because I suspect some of those answers would surprise some people. I do hope that the new reality in Montague is one in which people of all backgrounds get to work together, if only because they're forced into it.

If, when the dust has settled, anyone wants me to step up and take a role in some constructive development of Montague, whether online or in real life, I'll be here. For now, the last week of the campaign belongs to the old fashioned door-to-door visit and the election sign. This blogger is done.