Thursday, November 23, 2006

Montague : Swan Song

How would you like to be remembered? What do you want to leave behind as the last thing you did? What's your last act going to be?

The outgoing Montague council carried out their last act this past Tuesday night, and it was to undo something they did as their first act. You'll remember that immediately on being elected, they gave themselves a 70% pay raise - well this Tuesday they decided that the new council was not as deserving as they were, and lowered council remuneration back to 2001 levels.

Bitter, anybody? Apparently the mention of this issue during the campaign so angered David Schoular that he felt it necessary to propose the motion. Vince Carroll and Bill Eckersley voted against, but with the support of Reeve Doyle, Mr. Schoular and Lita Richards, the motion was passed.

Now, I'm sure this wouldn't be a vindictive move. No, people who've served as councillors must have the highest respect for democracy, surely, and that would mean losing with good grace. I'm sure it wouldn't be personal, or intended to deprive the incoming council of the remuneration the outgoing enjoyed. I'm sure it wouldn't be intended to put the incoming council in an impossible political situation for no good reason other than personal animosity. No, I'm sure there's a motive here of the highest integrity. I just need some new glasses and I'm sure I'll find it...