Monday, July 03, 2006

Your Money Or Your Pint

One generally doesn't ask the price of a pint in a bar; there are certain norms around this kind of thing. Here in Eastern Ontario, we typically pay anything from $4.90 to $5.60 a pint before taxes, depending upon the location. Inner city pubs tend to charge more while my village locals charge less.

Imagine my surprise then, on discovering that the (admittedly excellent) pint of Church Key Holy Smoke I enjoyed recently at the Sam Jakes Inn in Merrickville set me back virtually all of $9 by the time taxes were factored in - $7.50 plus tax. This is a full 40% more expensive than anywhere else I have ever drunk, or anywhere I have ever got drunk for that matter.

Having consumed the beer, there's not much choice but to pay the exorbitant bill, and just not go back. But being so dramatically ripped-off leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.