Sunday, July 30, 2006

Games In The Out Crowd

So the Outgames organizers and crowds are displeased that Stephen Harper has not been able to attend their event, and in particular the opening soirée. kd lang bemoans this and accuses PMSH of 'supporting intolerance' by not making space in his diary for this party, instead spending his time on frivolities, like for example running Canada, or working on issues related to mid-east conflict or global terrorism.

Let's suppose for one minute that we accept the Great Myth put about by lang, Tewksbury and their ilk, that there is any major significance in the PM's decision. What then; will the PM be expected to attend swinger's clubs to show his tolerance of others' sexualities? Should he go to a strip club regularly to show his solidarity with exotic dancers? Would lang and Tewksbury extend the same tolerance to pedophile groups and expect the PM to show up at their meetings? The notion of the PM being expected to show at any event, based solely on the sexuality of those participating is a nonsense.

I'm a firm believer that the state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation, but if that's the case, then demanding political attention based on sexuality is also a no-no. It's time for the homosexual lobby to practice what they preach, and do what they say it is they want, which is to get on with their lives and live as who they are. They don't need special attention from any politician in order to do that.

Tewksbury has said (in an Ottawa Citizen article accompanied by an Adonis-style photo shoot) that the Outgames have enabled him to be whole; both gay and an athlete. If that's true, I'm surprised he needs validation from PMSH. It was however, touchingly naive of him to think that nobody knew he was gay until he came out. C'mon... with those looks, that voice and that fashion sense? Please....