Friday, July 14, 2006

Clive's Theorem of Political Action

Blogging here has been very light of late, partly due to technical problems but also because there simply has been less to say on domestic political matters.

I have been trying to get myself fired up about things, but with limited success. Flaming Ontario's Liberals over the Caledonia farce is easy, and yet somehow unsatisfying. On the federal level, it seems that the more the government does the less people feel the need to say, even including the petulant Parliamentary Press Gallery.

Hence my new theorem, that in political life, as in most other walks of life, action is inversely proportional to talking. An old friend of mine expressed this succinctly in the email signature "And we're going to keep having meetings, until we find out why nothing's getting done."

Stephen Harper has essentially arrived in 24 Sussex, quietly and effectively got on with the job of governing and has done things. Alien as this is to Canadians, it would seem to be welcome, or at least not unwelcome, even among many who don't share the Conservative viewpoint. Stephen Harper has won grudging approval from most of the people I know, even those of a Liberal or Dipper bent. And even they are left with less to say.

I will be looking for more material here, and have a suspicion that Ottawa City Hall will continue to provide rich pickings. So we at the Doggerel Party are back, and it's time for us to do less and say more once again.