Tuesday, July 25, 2006

We Give Because They Gave

Kate over at SDA has a thread open for tributes to the slain RCMP officers Marc Bourdages and Robin Cameron. She asked that the thread be reserved for tributes and condolences. Nevertheless, one commenter there questioned the setting up of a trust fund for the children of the officers. Don't the RCMP provide adequate insurance?

Respecting Kate's wishes, I refrained from commenting there. But I will use the freedom of my own blog to respond. In these situations, a trust fund for the children is not a substitute for an insurance policy, but it is a way for a town, a region, a province or a nation, to respond collectively to the sacrifice of one of their servants. We don't know these officers or their children, but the officers were working for each and every Canadian when they gave their lives. Each and every Canadian owes them a debt, and the trust fund lets those who wish and who are able to, repay a little of that debt.

We give, because they gave, and their children gave.