Sunday, December 14, 2008

Which Leader Ignatieff Is That?

What a difference a week and a change of leader makes. Suddenly, the media is back to talking about the Liberals as just the Liberals. Well, let's back up shall we.

Michael Ignatieff is the new Liberal leader. But that makes him the Coalition Leader too. Until he actually says otherwise, he's bound by Dion's signature on the coalition agreement, and his own on the supporting letter to the Governor General. Don't let's forget that. We should be reminding everyone at every turn that Michael Ignatieff is the new Liberal-Bloc-NDP Coalition Leader. Don't call him the Liberal leader until the Coalition has dissolved. Until then, he should properly be referred to as Coalition leader Michael Ignatieff. Put it out there on the web as much as possible, and make sure you challenge MSM references that paint the Liberals as once again a stand-alone party. They are NOT a stand-alone party at this time, they are an inseperable part of the Coalition, and Ignatieff is the leader of that Coalition.