Thursday, December 04, 2008

Caution: Golf Course in Coquitlam Could Be Dangerous

From the comments at the Coalition Broadcasting Corporation's website, where someone rejoicing in the name 'Broomer' appears to be the anonymous employer who was on the radio this morning claiming he would be laying off employees if he wasn't stimulated immediately. Because I'm sure Broomer's little company is top of the list for Steffi et al. No, really. Forget GM. Stimulate Broomer.

Anyway, buried among Broomer's trolling is this gem:
"You can rest assured he's not my Stephan Harper and another thought came to me after. My golf club is about 75% left leaning"
Which would make his golf course a pretty dangerous place to hang out. Left... is that a hook or a slice? I don't remember, not being someone who Golfs.