Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Consumer Advisory

Doggerel Security Labs has uncovered a potentially serious flaw in the flagship product of LibSoft. Despite a recently released patch designed to correct such vulnerabilities, it appears the latest version of Liberal Party is still not completely safe. Exploits known to exist in the wild include Coalition.Millstone, Layton.Mouth.Shoot.OFF, Bailout.Billion.$ and a particularly serious threat known as Bloc.Fragmenter, which carries a blackmail payload.

Under certain circumstances, Liberal Party can also be infected with the trojan WK.SponsorshipRequestor, which prompts the user to install the advertisement based software package Chuck. Although it appears innocuous, users who have installed Chuck report that some years later their finances have been compromised and their bank accounts have been funneled to an organized crime syndicate based in Montreal restaurants.

Users are advised not to run Liberal Party until further patches are released and instead should continue to run the far more reliable Conservative Party. *