Saturday, December 06, 2008

Ottawa Rally For Canada

Unfortunately, not all members of TDPC were able to make the rally today, as dogs aren't allowed on buses. However, I did make it to the hill. There was a very good crowd of about 4,000 and some very good speakers. Stephen Taylor was excellent at rousing the troops, and Pierre Polievre was his usual fiery self.

Media coverage is already downplaying the significance of the event, painting it as a CPC organized event (it wasn't) and minimizing the numbers. CBC described the CLC / PSAC organized protest on Thursday, which consisted of public servants crossing the street for a stroll on their lunchbreak as "2,500 demonstrators." Today's crowd is described at as "more than 2,000." Note the factual accuracy but highly torqued spin. Nice one, Coalition Broadcasting Corp.

However, of the motorists on Wellington Street, I'd say a good 50% at least, and probably more, hooted in sympathy. There was a lot of support out there for the concept of good old fashioned voting.

It's clear from today's coverage of the various rallies that the media focus is going to be on promoting the coalition and putting down the pro-democracy side. We're going to have an uphill battle.