Sunday, April 15, 2007

New Music Sunday

Doggerel Party Records is proud to present a live, unadulterated performance by the greatest leadership sensation of our times. For the first time, all the greatest hits of this legendary performer are gathered together on a single disc.

Track Listing
How Much Is That Doggie Kyoto?
It's Not Easy Being Green
We Didn't Get It Done, feat. Iggy Pop
An Envelope of Dollars
I Can't Get No Priorities
The So Unfair Blues
Imagine (There's No Election)
Leaving, Without A Jet Plane (feat. Robert Milton)
May Day (Sending Out An SOS)
Same Old Liberals (2007 remix)
Bonus Track: Why I'm Optimistic, feat. Cherniak

For rush delivery of your copy, please leave a brown envelope containing $2,000 in used bills at Doggerel Party HQ. Remember, this offer is not available in stores.

UPDATE: Hot off the press, check out the rave review here.