Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Guest Liberal Blogger Writes

We at TDPC thought it might be interesting to let a Liberal guest blog here for once. Unfortunately, being from Smiths Falls, we couldn't find one. So here's a Q & A session we held here, with one of the corgis playing the part of a famous Liberal blogger named Jay-smoking something-or-other.

Q: What do you think about Stephen Harper's announcement of a Bill of Rights for Canada's veterans, and an ombudsman to ensure they are fairly treated?

A: He's an asshole, mean, a bully and unfair. This is just another example.

Q: What do you think of the fact that all provinces now have agreements in place to guarantee health-care wait times?

A: Stephen Harper is mean, a bully, and an asshole. The wait times guarantee is so unfair.

Q: What did you think of Stephen Harper's apology and reparation for the Chinese head tax?

A: 1. Unfair. 2. Bully. 3. Mean. 4. Asshole.

Q: What do you think about the Harper family fostering kittens from the Ottawa Humane Society at 24 Sussex?

A: Assholemeanbullyunfair.

Q: With your connections in the Liberal party, can you tell us what will be the main focus of the Liberals' next election campaign?

A: That is so unfair. Do you think it's easy to make election campaigns?