Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cut Me Own Throat Dibbler Smitherman

Ontario's Minister of Ideologically Sound Health, George Smitherman, thinks we should put in place a system where live donors can be 'compensated' - note, not paid, compensated - for organ donations.

This is the same health minister who recently refused to allow a private clinic to help shorten Ontario's wait list for knee surgeries, on the narrow ideological grounds that only the state should supply health care services. Mr. Smitherman is a hard-left idealogue and a sworn enemy of all private enterprise.

How come Mr. Smitherman's wonderful nanny-knows-best state hasn't been able to provide organs for all its citizens? What will the introduction of private-sector organs mean for Ontarians on the transplant list? Will there be a two tier system with some getting ideologically sound state-sourced organs and others getting a 'cream-skimmed' private sector organ? Is there any danger that Liberal patients might accidentally get contaminated with a piece of Tory liver?

Before the comments start, I'm not trying to belittle the situation of anyone needing a transplant; I'm just sick of Liberal lies and hypocrisy about healthcare in Ontario.