Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Earth Day Diary

0700: Woken by annoying birdsong. Wished the corgis hadn't done such a good job with the Cat Project.
0800: Woken again by crying baby. Fed baby. Went back to sleep.
1000: Attended local pet microchip clinic. Drove less than 1km in either direction, rather than walk. Ran A/C full blast in the car.
1200: Home for lunch. Ate processed food with lots of packaging (N.B. the food had the packaging; I didn't actually eat the packaging, although it might have been better if I had).
1300: Out with chainsaw. Cut down small tree. Left chainsaw idling between cuts. Spilled some 2-cycle oil while refilling chainsaw.
1400: Vacuumed and steam cleaned car interior. Idled car to power seat heaters to dry front seats after steam clean.
1600: Drank cold beer to celebrate jobs well done.
1800: Pulled curtains to block out bright setting sun; turned on lights instead.

Did I miss Lenin's birthday??