Friday, April 20, 2007

Mike Finds The Liberal

A while back I suggested we'd had trouble finding a Liberal in Smiths Falls. Well, Mike found one recently, in the form of Smiths Falls CAO Wayne Brown. Mr. Brown thinks that the Liberal government of Dalton the Liar are 'guardian angels' for the town of Smiths Falls.

While Mr. Brown has his head down licking Dalton's boots - or perhaps his attention is similarly diverted somewhere else - he might have failed to notice:
  • 1,500 jobs leaving town, 800 of them courtesy of his 'guardian angels'
  • Eastern Ontario's poor living standards compared to the rest of the province, and in particular the fact that average income in Smiths Falls is $10,000 below the provincial average.
  • The fact that similarly placed rural communities east of Ottawa have got off their own asses to organize a commuter rail service to Ottawa.
Many h/ts to Mike who has more on all of these stories.