Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Signs Of Our Times

As the second of the beer and pocorn cheques arrived last night, I was naturally thinking about beer. Although I was sipping a rather nice pinot noir at the time (Saturna Island 2002, from the Gulf Islands in BC; cherry and plum, with mushroom earthiness on the nose, black cherry fruit with good structured oak, and excellent acidity... but I digress). From beer my thoughts strayed to the pubs of my homeland, and I was thinking how pubs in England are named after the events of history; the Royal Oak, the White Rose, the George & Dragon, and so forth.

If we were to adopt this tradition, how might we name some taverns from, say, 13 years of our recent history? Some ideas:

The Billion & Boondoggle
The Poll & Dither (& Poll & Dither & Poll & Dither)
The Pepper & Plate
The Envelope & Kickback
The Soldier on our Street
The Stench & Corruption

(and naturally)

The Beer & Popcorn

Suggestions welcome...

Updates: from the comments

The Pig & Whistleblower
The Taxpayer's Gum
The Entitled & Entitlement