Thursday, August 31, 2006

Passport To Hell

Ms. Liberal Catnip, the blogosphere's very own anonymous left-wing al Quaeda apologist has really outdone herself this time, with a post condemning the denial of a passport to Abdurahman Khadr.

In common with most of this woman(?)'s anti-western, anti-Jewish and anti-Canadian ranting, she starts with a mistake:
"What does a Canadian have to do to prove he's not a security risk to a Conservative government that was ordered by a Federal court to give him a passport?"
Ummmm... no. The government was ordered to allow Mr. Khadr to apply for a passport, which they did. The court explicitly stopped short of a determination as to whether a passport should be granted.
"Thet [sic] begs the question then: why is this Canadian Conservative government continuing to treat Khadr as if he's a criminal?"
Because he is a self-confessed member of an 'Al Quaeda related' organization? Maybe?
"Is the Conservative government simply using guilt by association by pointing to the activities of his family members, past and present, to strip him of his rights?"
Ummm... no. Again, Mr. Khadr has made no secret of his terrorist training in Afghanistan or his involvement with Al Quaeda. It's nice of Ms. Catty to make up a story for him, but I'd rather believe the man himself than her.
"The Khadr family has a long and controversial history. That, however, should not be used against members of that family by the Canadian government"
Why not?? God forbid anyone's past actions have any consequences for them, especially when those actions include terrorist associations. Where would Catnip draw the line? How many Canadians would someone have to murder in a terror plot before she would think denying them a passport might make sense? Just how expendable are her fellow Canadians?
"Is this the kind of Canada you want to live in?"
Absolutely. Anything less would be dangerous, delusional and just plain stupid...

Let's hope Ms. Feline and her ilk stay a long way from power for a very long time, or we're all doomed.