Monday, August 21, 2006

Mystery Disease Strikes Celebrity Crowd in Montreal

Scientists believe a highly contagious disease may be to blame for the symptoms that have erupted among a group of scientists, activists and politicians in Montreal this last week. Observers have described a worrying disease with a progression of symptoms.

Victims first present with a severe attack of self-righteousness, which in some cases may be accompanied by hypocrisy. As the illness takes it's course, victims become unable to associate cause and effect; for example, they may believe that someone who contracts a sexually transmitted disease through promiscuous unprotected sex is somehow not responsible for their actions.

Left untreated, victims may become delusional and believe they are in some way holier than the rest of us, or indeed, sainted. In extreme cases, victims become hysterical, foam at the mouth and emit a foul discharge.

While study of the new condition is in its infancy, it has been noted that it seems to affect celebrities and their hanging-on wannabes to a disproportionate extent. Rational people who recognize the realities of the world seem to be less affected. There is currently no cure, but one expert consulted by the Doggerel Party suggested prayer to Saint Diana of Wales may be effective in temporarily reducing symptoms.