Wednesday, August 09, 2006

McCartney Vows To Stop Hunt

Living legend, superstar singer and ex-Beatle Paul McCartney is vowing to stop what he calls the "cruel, inhumane and barbaric" hunting of money by Heather Mills. McCartney, posing with a stack of fuzzy and photogenic dollar bills, says that the stalking of the money by groups of lawyers armed with writs must stop.

"Each of these little dollars has the potential to grow into tens, hundreds, maybe even thousands," he said. "To cut them off in their prime as part of this hunt is just unacceptable."

Other figures in the money-rights movement echoed McCartney, including accountants, bankers and record company executives. One source told the Doggerel Party, "If you take the money now, before it's had a chance to grow to maturity, you could seriously damage the economy, er, I mean the ecosystem. Left to fully mature, these dollars could turn into houses, Bentleys, furs, jewels, designer dresses... you must leave them safely in our hands to develop their full potential."

Paul McCartney is 64, she doesn't and she won't....