Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Political Parenting

If partys were parents, what kind would they be?

The Liberal Party: An indulgent parent, always ready to buy the latest toys, and light on discipline. Raises highly dependent children with an attitude of entitlement and poor manners. Children are quite likely to be bullies and to take things from other children.

The Conservative Party: A kindly but firm parent; children learn right from wrong early in life and discipline is enforced. Children are treated fairly but not spoiled with material possessions, and encouraged to earn their own rewards.

The NDP: A distant aunt or uncle who drops in from time to time, leaves a pile of imported candy and departs again before the chaos and destruction ensue.

The Green Party: A well-meaning grandparent who brings hemp clothing and granola bars for Christmas, when what you really wanted was a train set.