Thursday, August 17, 2006

New From Reuters: The Select-A-Story Do It Yourself News Item

Chretien / Harper under fire for shunning AIDS conference

Reuters NewMedia, Inc. - 5 July 1996 / 17 August 2006

VANCOUVER / TORONTO - Canadian AIDS activists said on Friday they regretted Prime Minister Jean Chretien's / Stephen Harper's decision to shun an international AIDS conference in Vancouver / Toronto and urged him not to give up the fight against AIDS.

The 11th / 16th International Conference on AIDS opens on Sunday in Vancouver / Toronto, but Chretien / Harper has said he is too busy to attend.

This will be the first / second time in the history of the conference that the head of government of the host country will not open the event.

"We're extremely disappointed," said Brian Huskins / Dr. Julio Montaner, ...

But activists said that Chretien / Harper was afraid to show up because his government had not renewed the National AIDS Strategy beyond 1998 / he's a fascist pig who doesn't like homosexuals, not that AIDS is a gay disease, of course it's not but anyway we were going to boo the hell out of him so where is he?

Just select the right combination of names, dates and reasons and make your own news story.

Déja view, again.