Thursday, August 10, 2006

No, We Didn't Make This Up... We're Not Allowed To Make Things Up

  1. Liberal MPs march openly under the Hezbollah banner in Montreal. Hezbollah is an illegal terrorist group in Canada, and yet the second largest federal political party is home to their supporters. No Liberal has yet publicly distanced themselves from this support of Hezbollah.
  2. The Liberal Party puts its own narrow interests ahead of the wider issues of the Middle East, Canada's national interest and the pursuit of peace. God / Allah forbid that they allow an MP with an appropriate cultural background and expertise to contribute to forming Canadian policy in this complex and turbulent area.
  3. The Ontario Liberal government appeals against a judge ordering it to enforce its own laws, siding with Six Nations protestors against the people of Caledonia. Yes, Ontario, your government are siding with the burning of bridges, the assault of bystanders, the destruction of hydro towers, the illegal occupation of private property and the escape from justice of criminals. A judge says they should stop the criminals and punish them and the government is appealing that decision.

You really couldn't make this stuff up....