Friday, September 14, 2007

Which Winter Was That, Dalton?

What a difference a year makes, eh? What with anniversaries a-flying recently (the tax pledge that wasn't, etc.) some may have missed the anniversary of Dalton McShifty's statement that it was 'not acceptable' for natives to occupy Douglas Creek Estates in Caledonia through the winter.

Yes, he meant winter 2006/07.

Meanwhile Warren Kinsella thinks that a developer who's been victimised by the native thugs shouldn't complain to Warren's precious baby Premier, because the victim happens to be a Tory. Yep, if you're a Liberal, maybe you could come looking for help from your Premier with things like, for example, the rule of law - or at least not being beaten senseless with a 2 by 4. But no, if you didn't vote for Dalton you've no business complaining. Natives trashing your development site? If you're a Tory, suck it up and keep quiet. Love Warren.

How about we don't keep quiet? The MSM is still making strenuous efforts to ignore Caledonia, or at least avoid treating it as a political story. We need to make sure this gets into the campaign at every opportunity, because it really shows the Liberals' true colours.