Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Janice Kennedy Doesn't Wear Red

I was going to write something about Janice Kennedy's last column in the Ottawa Citizen, in which she announces she no longer supports the troops, but I ran out of motivation before I got to it. If you didn't read it, just click on the robot on the sidebar and you'll get the gist of it anyway.

How nice to be able to make a living as a columnist when you can only write three things:
  1. Stephen Harper is evil.
  2. Canadian Wimmin are downtrodden and oppressed (see 1.)
  3. Screw the Afghans, let them rot under the Taliban (see 1. and 2.)

Seriously, just pick any two themes, repeat for about 25 column inches and you've got a Janice Kennedy column. And if you can get in something about how great the 60s were and how you wet your panties for Pierre Trudeau, so much the better.