Friday, September 14, 2007

In Wildlife News

Liberal blogger Maggie (so tempting to call her 'Lisa') over at In The House And Senate has a post picturing some snapping turtle hatchlings on her (presumably) country property, and commenting that they are cuter than a gopher with a bullet hole. Readers of SDA will remember Maggie/Lisa as the "Reading? Reading is for wimps... I don't read something before I criticise it" blogger who picked a misguided and lopsided fight with Kate some time back. Sadly Maggie/Lisa has deleted that material. But we digress...

Hmmm... let's look at the wildlife symbolism.

Conservative: Small dead vermin.
Liberal: Small live snapping turtles.

So the Conservative symbolism here is about getting tough on parasites and vermin - perhaps a tough on law-and-order agenda, or keeping government out of places it doesn't belong.

But unlike those mean Tories, the Liberals are all about cuteness. All until you get too close, like, for example, electing them. Get too close to those snappers and you'll lose an arm or a leg, even if you're trying to help them out. Suddenly the symbolism does make sense after all.