Monday, September 10, 2007

Update: Janice Kennedy Can't Take The Heat

Following on from her bizarre rant about not supporting the Support Our Troops movement last week, it seems the Citizen's Janice Kennedy had some negative feedback. This Sunday she took a whole column to whine that some people were rude to her. She even claimed that the people writing to her didn't seem to realise she was a human being.

Well, Janice, although I was not among those who wrote - why argue with a brick wall - it's not that those folks don't know you're a human being. It's that they know exactly what kind of human being you are.

Ms. Kennedy laments the ease with which email, blogs and discussion forums allow people to spill anger - she should know, because years ago, long before blogs, when I wrote to her about a column of hers she shot straight back with a racist slur. You're reaping what you sowed for so many years Janice. Get over it.