Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Don't Do As The Research Does, Do As I Say

A researcher attempts to twist out of her own findings, with CanWest's liberal help.

The less time a new mother stays off the job, the more likely her child's motor and social development will be impaired, University of British Columbia researchers concluded.

The analysis of federal survey data underlines the importance of government-funded maternity leaves, but does not mean mothers should avoid work outside the home, says Dr. Rebecca Sherlock, the neonatology specialist at the BC Children's and Women's Health Centre who spearheaded the research.
In other news, Dr. Sherlock is expected to release further studies soon:

"Driving while drunk may increase the risk of killing people, but this does not mean that people should not drive while drunk."

"Eating poisonous plants may lead to premature death, but this does not mean that people should not eat poisonous plants."