Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Origins of The Doggerel Party

Somebody with some time on their hands at around 4am yesterday posted this comment and this one. I'll reproduce them here to save you the trouble of clicking through:
Clive, Gary and David put up with personal attacks for 4 yrs. Dianne for only 3 months!!! I remember alot of attacks on this site. About a lot of different individuals, unfairly I will add. Some by yourself. The sooner you figure out the truth about Diane, the better Clive. I'm unsure about your continued loyalty to her? You've been so quick to judge so many others.

Just thought of something else. Did anyone help you start up this site, in May 06?

Let's quickly deal with the first point, before we move on to the more troubling implication of the second comment. I have no loyalty to Dianne Coates; I barely know her. I have no problem with anyone criticising her decisions or her actions, just as I have criticised those of Gary, David, and others - and on the matter in hand of the Page letter, Diane's too. I have also praised some actions of those people as well, where I agreed with them - including acknowledging the good work that Gary did for many years.

However, agree or disagree, you will not see anywhere that I either gloated along the lines of 'Diane's going down' or made veiled threats such as 'sleep with the fishes'. That crosses a line.

Secondly, I'm just going to offer readers three possible explanations for the start of this blog; you can all read and choose the one that suits you best.

Explanation 1

The story as told here of how I was inspired by Kate and others to begin blogging is true. The story here of how I decided to experiment by covering the Montague election is also true. I've been playing with computers since the age of 11, when I wrote my first programs on punched paper tape, so I didn't need any help setting up the blog, thanks very much.

Explanation 2

In May 2006, an evil group began meeting secretly in the loft of a disused alpaca shed, for the overthrow of the municipal government. We created an elaborate plan for the development of a blog that would destroy the political careers of the existing Montague councillors. I was very, very careful. I joined the Conservative party as a cover. I set up the blog in May with an innocent looking set of posts on unrelated topics. I joined the Blogging Tories group in June as another cover story. Very conveniently I knew that several other Blogging Tories had written about the Montague lawsuit so I was able to use the excuse of updating the story as a cover to begin writing about Montague issues.

In August, all the members of this secret group rented identical red Geo Storm convertibles and rendezvoused at the Kemptville Tim Hortons to plot the future of the Doggerel Party. As extra cover, I began featuring fictious dogs in the blog, even remembering to pay local vets over $2,000 in medical expenses to make the story look good. When the election came, everyone pretended very convincingly not to know who I was, where I lived or what I looked like.

Explanation 3

I was visited in May 2006 by a group of aliens. They abducted me, took me up the Pinery road and brainwashed me into setting up a blog.

Special Offer: The first 50 readers to choose Explanation 2 or 3 will be sent a complimentary and exclusive Doggerel Party tin foil helmet.