Friday, May 19, 2006

New Kid on the Blog

So, after months of procrastination (why is procrastination not an Olympic sport?) here is the launch of The Doggerel Party of Canada. Let's take a moment to look at the inspiration behind this brave step into the world of blogging, before the real fun begins.

I first discovered the blogosphere in earnest when the banned Gomery inquiry testimony was published at Captains Quarters. Impressed with the quality and content here, I found my way to a number of other conservative thinking blogs, most notably Small Dead Animals, and from there to the Blogging Tories blogroll.

My interest really grew with the last federal election campaign. Top quality writing by many of those on the B/T blogroll really got me thinking, as it did many others, I am sure. Several issues and scandals were first revealed here, and for the first time we ordinary Canadians had a chance to work around the media filter. It seems likely to me that this election saw the first real influence of bloggers on the political landscape. Long may it continue.

From this political beginning, naturally I found my way around a number of blogs related to other topics. So, although it's likely that much of what spills from my keyboard here will be politically related, I expect to devote some time to the other passions of my life as well. Which leads nicely into the introductions.

I'm a 30-something microserf, working in wireless systems development for a hitech company in Kanata, Ontario. While my work week involves creative hours in front of the computer and the usual suburban rituals of drive-through Starbucks, cafeteria lunches and watercooler gossip, my home is rural. My wife, daughter and I have an old (by local standards) red-brick house in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road about an hour from town.

My daughter is nearly 2. Being nearly 2 must be a lot of fun, or so it appears. The joy of picking dandelions is tangible at this time of year, and who can be unmoved by the sudden and random shouting of "BUM" in public places? She is our first child and we're learning parenting along with every other parent there's ever been. Expect to see some of the joys and trials shared here.

In this idyllic but somewhat ramshackle setting, we are joined by our two Cardigan and one Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Time will reveal just how obsessed one man can be with his dogs... but they are a joy and an inspiration. Much will be written in these pages about these canines and many others.

On the way between this rural retreat and the boulevards of Kanata, I am often forced by default to listen to CBC Radio. There will therefore be outbursts of outrage here from time to time, when some particularly egregious instance of liberal bias occurs during my morning drive, or when words are flubbed for the twentieth time that day. And if somebody could just do something about Promo Girl, that would be great too.

The CBC radio broadcast makes its appearance in a battered but faithful VW diesel car. I love diesel. I realise this is an affliction, particularly in North America. But I can't help it. There's the boring economy, reliability and low maintenance requirements of diesel, but most of all, driving diesel is fun. All those torques hiding under the hood. So there will be commentary on diesel, biofuels, and other 'green motoring' related topics - we may even touch on hybrid cars and related delusions.

Other topics will make their appearance as things come up. But I think this is as good a place as any to end the beginning.